Thanks after a long night and a long few months… now, what’s next?!

June 9, 2017

Some of the volunteers from the third action day

It’s hard not to be despondent today having witnessed last night our share of the vote fall somewhat compared to 2015, albeit still gaining 2,498 votes. That said, we are confident that our green voters switched their support to Labour, believing that Labour stood the best chance against Damian Collins. That in itself is not a bad thing and we are glad to have been part of the Labour surge across the country in favour of progressive candidates on the left.

In Kent, Ukip supporters appear to have gone home to roost – boosting Tory majorities everywhere except in Canterbury, where a narrow victory for Labour, with a majority of less than 200, resulted in Julian Brazier being sent packing in what was a safe Tory seat for a century.

Today, it’s been business as usual – Martin Whybrow has been attending meetings (somewhat bleary eyed!) to continue working as the county councillor for Hythe West and pretty soon, Shepway Green Party will be out campaigning on local issues exactly as we have been doing all year.

Martin would like to thank all those that voted for him and supported the campaign by leafleting, displaying vote green boards and drumming up support online. He would also like to thank the team at SGP, and our many supporters from other branches, who have effectively been in election mode since before Christmas.

With news this morning of a hung parliament, perhaps don’t hang up the rosettes just yet!

And, of course, we had the wonderful sight in the early hours of the morning of the Green Party’s co-leader, Caroline Lucas, retaining her Brighton Pavilion seat with a massive majority. Caroline won with 30,139 votes, almost twice as many as second-placed Labour, and she almost doubled her majority from 7,967 to 14,689. Her share of the vote increased by 10.4 per cent, a fitting result for our wonderful MP.