Public Space Protection Orders – watch this space…

March 18, 2019

On Wednesday the District Council’s cabinet unanimously approved the new Public Space Protection Order (PSPOs) – the previous one is due to expire in June, writes Shepway Green Party district council candidate, Lesley Whybrow. PSPOs are aimed at tackling specific issues of antisocial behaviour affecting parts of the District.

The new PSPO has 7 measures:

  • Control of alcohol consumption in a public place;
  • No use of intoxicating substances in a public place; 
  • No urinating, spitting or defecating in a public place;
  • No begging;
  • Deterring inconsiderate buskers;
  • Deterring inconsiderate chuggers;
  • No unauthorised camping in open spaces.

There had been a public consultation about this and this did demonstrate support for the seven measures. However reading the comments submitted as part of this consultation it is clear that many people share our concerns that this PSPO will have a negative impact on homeless people who have no other option but to sleep on the streets.

The council have stated that the PSPO is not aimed at homeless people and that their policy is to use education and other preventative interventions in the first instance, before enforcement sanctions are applied which should be an action of last resort.

We will be monitoring this.