Prince’s Parade – Silence, Lies and the Truth

April 14, 2019

It is clear from social media, emails and the doorstep that Prince’s Parade looms large over the 2nd May local elections in Hythe. Many current councillors are either silent on the issue when asked or, in the case of at least one Conservative Hythe Town councillor, have lied about how they voted – pretty stupid, given that the council’s minutes and video footage taken by the Save Prince’s Parade campaign are readily available.

The Green Party has, of course, opposed the scheme from the outset. Our councillors on Hythe Town Council have always spoken and voted against it. Two of our District Council candidates – Lesley Whybrow (left, with our other excellent Hythes candidates, John Wing, Doug Wade and Georgina Treloar) and Jim Martin  (main picture) – lead the Save Prince’s Parade campaign.

The many people involved in Save Prince’s Parade have done a wonderful job, scrutinising and pulling apart the council’s plans, demonstrating again and again why those plans are so financially flawed as we’ll as highlighting the continual lack of proper procedure and transparency.

Don’t believe those incumbent councillors – at both District and Town level – who’s election-fuelled rhetoric or eerie silence mask their previous words and voting records.

These elections are a golden opportunity to send a clear message again to David Monk and all of his cohort that the vast majority of residents do not want development on this lovely site. A new leisure centre should go where it was always meant to go – Martello Lakes – and the 150 towering blocks that would accompany it on Prince’s Parade should never see the light of day. The road should not be diverted, the setting of the unique Royal Military Canal should be preserved and the abundant nature of the site should be protected.

We have always said that we need to protect the open spaces between and within our communities. This is why we also supported the village green application for Hythe Green which would have protected it from any future development (our Green Party Kent County Councillor, Martin Whybrow, was the ONLY official speaker in favour of the application, lined up against assorted Hythe Town councillors).

We need more affordable and social housing but none of the current proposed local developments will do nearly enough to alleviate the shortage of housing for local first-time buyers. So let’s be clear – there is one way to tell the District and Town councils what we think of their plans – that’s by postal vote or at the ballot box on 2nd May. Please Vote Green on 2nd May.