Nuclear waste? No way

April 29, 2018

Shepway Green Party is wholly opposed to the District Council’s renewed interest in a nuclear waste facility on Romney Marsh. The idea of putting a massive 120-year facility, which would stretch up to 1000 feet underground and would then be sealed off for thousands of years, on this flood zone is as ludicrous as it was when pursued a few years ago.

Martin Whybrow, Kent County Council member for Hythe, says: “Which part of the combination of flood zone, rising sea levels and nuclear waste is not clear to those councillors who have raised this once more? It is a wholly unsuitable location for such a facility and councillors should not be tempted by the government throwing money at anyone who will accept.”

Folkestone & Hythe District Council has sought more information from the government about the proposed facility.

While Romney Marsh’s sea defences have been improved since the North Sea storm surge of 1953, the coast is continually changing because of erosion, deposition and rising sea levels. By 2100, the mean sea level around Romney Marsh is expected to be 39-49 cm higher than it was in 1990 (source: UK Climate Impacts Programme).

Martin concludes: “This council already wastes enough taxpayers’ money on unwanted, ill-thought out schemes; this one should be knocked on the head straightaway, as it eventually was last time by councillors, in the face of considerable resident opposition.”