Month Two – Our district council blog

July 5, 2019

Our second month as district councillors has been as busy as the first but quite different.

The highlight was of course getting the motionpassed at full council to withdraw the planning application for Princes Parade and build the leisure centre at Martello Lakes. Unfortunately it seems that this is not binding on cabinet. We await David Monk’s next steps – democracy demands that he takes note.

Rebecca Shoob was elected chair of the Overview & Scrutiny Committee which is an important role. Working with our fellow opposition councillors we did manage to make some recommendations to cabinet about the wording of the protocol for the Public Space Protection Order (PSPO). These recommendations were adopted by cabinet and will emphasise that the PSPO is not aimed at the genuinely homeless.

We have had meetings with various officers including those in charge of the Princes Parade and Otterpool projects and the housing options team.

We have continued to deal with a wide range of queries from local residents as well as agreed some funding to local projects from our ward grants. Once again some of us will be in Hythe High St on Saturday 13th July 11am – 12 noon to meet any constituent who would like to have a chat with us.

There have been more training sessions including planning, finance and social media.

Rebecca attended the Local Government Association annual conference and met up with both new and experienced councillors from across the country, including many Greens and independents, to share experiences. She also attended sessions on diverse topics including waste and recycling, tackling loneliness, the role of culture in regeneration and housing, and health and well-being, reflecting the huge breadth of councils’ remits. The climate emergency was high on the agenda and the LGA unanimously declared a climate emergency as an amendment to a motion in support of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

And Lesley (above) has been working to improve the appearance of Seabrook having obtained a sea gull proof replacement litter bin and arranged for some abandoned cars to be removed.