Mill Fields Road planning application

July 3, 2018

A planning application emerged this weekend which has surprised many residents in a quiet part of Hythe. Folkestone & Hythe District Council has received a plan to develop a seemingly innocuous, small parcel of land between two houses in Mill Fields Road. The site, which connects Mill Fields Road and Orchard Valley is seriously constrained. It’s tiny – perhaps less than 7m wide in places – there’s a mains sewer running through the middle, there’s an electricity substation nearby and, probably the most contentious issue is HB81.

HB81 is a public footpath traversing the site and used daily by residents and visitors alike, both to gain access to town and for visiting The Roughs.
Aware of residents concerns regarding the footpath, Councillor Martin Whybrow contacted the public rights of way manager at Kent County Council who said on the suggestion of moving the path to the side of the new house:

“It is clear that the routing of the footpath to one side, or the other, of the site would leave a narrow enclosed path, tight against a neighbour’s fence. This would be both poor design and clearly reduce the amenity of the route. Extinguishment would see the loss of the right of way altogether with the associated loss of amenity to the public.”

Martin said: “This path provides a vital vehicle free link to and from the roughs, the canal and beyond. The proposed diversion – essentially a downgrade of the existing path to a narrow alleyway round the back of a building – will seriously reduce the amenity of the path.”
Green Party councillor Ashley Tanton (right) said: “Residents have set out to spread the word about this plan and full credit to them for doing so. Martin and I will monitor the application and will support residents in their efforts to raise awareness of the plan”.
To comment on this application, go to Folkestone and Hythe Council page, the planning application is Y18/0067/SH – the link is here: