Meet our excellent candidates seeking to bring much-needed change on 2nd May

April 15, 2019

We’ve a great group of candidates for the 2nd May District and Town elections. Anyone standing for the Green Party will never take residents’ votes for granted. They will be hard-working, responsive and responsible councillors. They will stand up for residents and for the environment, including championing equality, fairness, sustainable development and protection of nature and open spaces.

Jim Martin (left) is standing for Hythe in the District elections and Hythe South in the Hythe Town Council elections. He chairs Save Prince’s Parade and is critical of “the current mismanagement of our environment in Hythe, which places Council profit as its central objective rather than the wellbeing of residents”.

Georgina Treloar (right, with Lesley) is standing for Hythe in the District elections. Says Georgina: “As a parent, I’m passionate about ensuring our next generation have clean and safe open spaces in which to learn, explore nature and grow up. There’s so much to enjoy here, but much to protect and improve in our natural environment to ensure a healthy, sustainable future for our community.” She is a proactive campaigner, including within the Extinction Rebellion movement and is now a familiar local sight on her electric cargo bike!

Lesley Whybrow is standing for Hythe in the District elections. She has led the Save Prince’s Parade campaign from the outset and has been a vocal and high-profile champion of preserving this unique area. She has also volunteered for the last three years, two days a week, at a local charity that helps our area’s most vulnerable people. She says: “This has opened my eyes to the problems of homelessness and the precariousness of renting in the private sector. If elected, I will do all I can to make sure that the council fulfils its obligations towards the homeless.”

Doug Wade (right) is standing for Hythe Rural in the District elections and Hythe North in the Hythe Town Council elections. Doug was born and bred in Hythe. Much of his career was in children and family social work and he now works part-time at AgeUK Hythe and Lyminge. He says: “It was really the ecological crisis that persuaded me of the need to no longer be just an observer but to get involved, particularly the mass extinction that we are seeing, which is of course linked to climate breakdown.” Other priorities for Doug are safeguarding children and supporting families.

John Wing (left) is standing for Hythe Rural in the District elections. He has lived locally for over 30 years, during which time he has volunteered for several local charities to help the well-being of both the community and the environment and has learnt much about social issues facing many people today.  He has recently retired. Says John: “I believe in sustainable building which enhances the environment and doesn’t destroy it. If elected, I will endeavour to make our environment and community a better place in which to live, for us and for future generations.”

In the Hythe Town Council elections, we also have:

Penny Graham (Hythe North). Penny (right) has lived and worked in the area for many years. She says: “I love Hythe for the warmth of its people, the uniqueness of the High Street and the beauty of the surrounding area. If elected, I shall do my best to listen to the residents I serve and work with other councillors to deliver reform, transparency and sustainability to the way the council operates, as well as consulting with local groups to preserve the green spaces we love.”

Sandy McConnell (Hythe North). Sandy (left) is a husband, father and grandfather. He is passionate about all areas Green, desperate to avoid climate breakdown, and to preserve our area and the Earth for future generations. He is a World Cinema film and World Music enthusiast.

Jenni Hawkins (Hythe East). Jenni (right) moved to Hythe with her family in 2010 and has children attending local primary and secondary schools in the area. She says: “I feel a great sense of community in Seabrook where I live, which is enhanced by the seaside location and beautiful scenery around Prince’s Parade. I believe it is essential to preserve our natural surroundings for the well-being of young, old, and future generations. As a parent I think Hythe has the potential for increased facilities that work for people of all ages.” Most of Jenni’s working life has been spent as a carer, then as a registered nurse. She left nursing in 2016 to care for her family and study for an English degree with the Open University.

Martin Whybrow (Hythe South). Martin (left) is our Kent County Councillor. He was elected as the first ever Green to KCC in 2013 and was re-elected in 2017. He has been a hard-working councillor who has supported many residents, charities and local groups as well as fighting for improved road safety (including setting up Speed Check groups, gaining 20 mph limit for School Road, improved signage and other measures), protection of open spaces (including Prince’s Parade and Hythe Green), biodiversity (he succeeded with a motion for KCC to adopt a Pollinator Action Plan) and has been vocal in his opposition to cuts to public services (most recently reduced opening hours for our local libraries).

For Hythe Town Council, we have an alliance with the independent candidates standing as the Hythe Residents’ AllianceLouisa Johnson in Hythe East, Naomi Slade and Angela Dickenson in Hythe South – plus LibDems, Tim Prater (Hythe East) and Gary Fuller (Hythe West).

There are four votes for each Hythe ward and we would urge residents to vote Green, Residents’ Alliance and LibDem to bring about the wholesale change that we need on this council, to bring fresh ideas, enthusiasm and energy. Too often, Hythe Town Councillors – particularly “twin-hatter” Tories who have also been on the District council – have voted against the consensus of residents and not it favour of the town.

Beyond Hythe, we also have excellent District council candidates, standing alongside LibDems, as a result of the Progressive Alliance between the two parties (see elsewhere on the website for details)  and, again, we would urge voters to support us as we seek to bring hugely needed accountability, transparency and proper opposition here.