Shepway Green Party calls for answers on airport revelations

October 30, 2011

Shepway Green Party is calling for answers following revelations in the current edition of Private Eye magazine that the former boss of Lydd Airport, Zaher Deir, claimed payments on his company credit card were “gifts to councillors”. The full story can be read at

The remarkable piece, appearing in the Eye’s regular Rotten Boroughs section, outlines Deir’s explanation that the “gifts” were to further the interests of the company. A statement for Shepway District Council said checks had been made and no gifts related to Deir or Lydd Airport had been declared by any councillors.

Shepway Green Party, along with many other groups (including Lydd Airport Action Group, left), has always opposed the expansion plans at the airport. After eight months, the planning inspector is now assessing all of the evidence before making a ruling next March. The plans have been vigorously backed by the Council and have had considerable support from local Tory MP, Damian Collins.

Shepway Green Party is calling for a thorough investigation into the revelations by Mr Deir. The Eye described the Council’s go-ahead for the plans as “bizarre” and pointed out it was against the strong advice of its own planning officers.