Dungeness C

Shepway Green Party member, Ross Carter, writes:

This is a personal view, but it amazes me that even after the nuclear meltdowns at Fukushima, there continues to be a steady campaign  in our local press for a review of the decision that Dungeness is not a suitable site for another nuclear power station.

We need the jobs is the common rallying call but  there are other ways of creating jobs on Romney Marsh without building another nuclear power station.

Other countries such as Germany are pulling out of nuclear power because they have accepted that the risks of environmental damage and to  health are too great.

You have to ask whether our local  politicians would welcome  any other type of  factory or industry which had so much potential to cause such lasting damage to the local population and environment?

The good news is that the green economy is starting to take off in Kent. The bad news for our part of the county is that so far this is happening only in North Kent. The announcement in mid-2011 by Vestas of a new wind turbine manufacturing and installation plant at Sheerness will create 2000 jobs. Meanwhile, a tidal energy pilot starting in Westminster and potentially running along the north Kent coast as far as Margate could add appreciably to the London Array offshore wind farm that will provide electricity for 7500 homes on completion.

This is the future for jobs in Kent and there should be a strong push and lobbying for Shepway to be part of this, particularly given the loss of Dungeness power station. This would probably far more productive than seeking an ever more unlikely u-turn from the coalition on Dungeness C. We are in danger of being left behind so should look forward, not back, and make this part of Kent part of the green revolution as well.

Kent Green Party has produced a paper entitled ‘An East Kent Green New Deal: An Alternative Economic Strategy for East Kent’. This can be viewed and downloaded at www.kentgreenparty.org

The loss of jobs when at Dungeness when the current site is ultimately decommissioned will exacerbate the existing need for jobs and regeneration on Romney Marsh. This means there should be a very strong hand for pressing for investment to allow the area to become a part of the new green economy.