KCC rejects plans to ease the way for fossil fuel extraction

October 21, 2018

Kent County Council has agreed to reject central government plans to move planning applications for mineral and fossil fuel extraction (non-hydraulic and hydraulic – i.e. fracking) from local authorities to Westminster. The decision was prompted by a motion brought by our Green Party councillor, Martin Whybrow, seconded by the LibDems.

Martin said councillors should ask themselves whether applications would be better decided locally or centrally and how they would explain the much reduced consultation to their residents if the latter. KCC will now respond to the government’s consultation by rejecting this attack on local democracy.

While noting his complete opposition to fracking, Martin explained that the motion was primarily about local democracy and the continued chipping away at local government powers by central government.

Following a debate, councillors unanimously agreed to opposed the planned changes to Permitted Development for exploration and Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects for production shale gas development.

For a report on the debate and decision, click here for the Kent Online report

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