Deja vu on nuclear waste – and still complete madness!

July 2, 2018

In 2012, Shepway’s Tory leadership thought that it would be a brilliant idea to volunteer Romney Marsh as the site of a nuclear waste site. Nobody understood how Romney Marsh could ever be considered a suitable site due to the geology and the fact that much of it is already at or below sea level. Undaunted, our local Tory councillors tried to persuade the residents of Romney Marsh that the logistical and security nightmare of transporting large amounts of highly radioactive nuclear waste from Sellafield and storing it under Romney Marsh was a good idea.

Shepway Green Party members were prominently involved in a lively campaign, during which even our pro-nuclear MP, Damian Collins, came out against the scheme.

The isolation of our Tory friends at the Civic Centre was also highlighted when KCC leader, Paul Carter, stated that even the earliest discussions about a nuclear storage facility had had a negative effect on encouraging other business projects in East Kent.

After heated public meetings and a poorly managed consultation exercise, Romney Marsh residents voted roughly 2 to 1 against the proposals and the council was forced to back down.

That should have been the end of the issue permanently but there are clearly still councillors who believe in the merits of the scheme and in April 2018 it was raised again.

Shepway Green Party’s position remains the same – common sense says burdening our communities with the disruption and risks from such an enterprise is an absolute non-starter. Other than a huge potential bribe from central government for any council rash enough to dig them out of this nuclear hole (by – ironically – digging a huge actual hole!), what are the motives in the face of all reason?