Breastfeeding friendly campaign kicks off

October 16, 2017

At Shepway Green Party’s AGM it was agreed to organise a breastfeeding friendly campaign. We are looking for volunteers to approach local cafés etc to ask them to display breast feeding friendly stickers and leaflets. It will only take an hour or two and you can visit the cafés when it is convenient for you. If you are interested please email and we will arrange to get the materials to you.

This initiative was prompted by Kent County Council’s proposed changes to the current breastfeeding services across the county. Our county councillor, Martin Whybrow, has met with the current service provider, some of the volunteer mums who underpin this service and KCC’s public health team to discuss. The consultation for the proposed changes was halted and, to date, has not recommenced.

Martin comments: “The proposed changes to the breastfeeding service were of concern to a lot of people, with the need to improve the numbers of mothers breastfeeding rather than in any way putting up more hurdles for them to do so, including ensuring that expert help is available when and where it is needed. I am glad that KCC has had a rethink on the original proposal and, in parallel, I think there is a lot that communities can do to ensure that mothers feel at ease when breastfeeding in public, hence our local campaign.”