Be part of the Green wave!

May 4, 2019

The Green Party has had phenomenal week, here in Shepway, in Kent and across the country. Our six new councillors are joined by others from Swale (defeating the council leader), Tonbridge & Malling, Thanet and Ashford – in a county where we previously had no representation at this level. Our nation-wide successes saw breakthroughs in many new parts of the country and a total of 265 councillors, an increase of 194 on 2015.

Locally and, no doubt, nationally, we’ve seen a big spike in new members, during the campaign and now, after the results. Here in Shepway, we’d love you to become more involved. Please consider joining the Green Party –

Come along to our meetings and socials (we are at the Fountain in Seabrook on Tuesday evening), be part of our future campaigns (starting with the European elections), and help to define local policies and strategies. There has never been a better time to be involved – with steeply rising awareness and concern about our climate emergency, many local battles to be fought and won, and despair at the old Westminster and local government politics.