Huge night for Shepway Greens as six councillors elected

May 3, 2019

An incredible night, six Green Party councillors elected to Folkestone & Hythe District Council. Thank you to everyone who voted for us and to the many people who helped with the campaign, such a great team effort. Our first ever breakthroughs onto the council and the largest opposition group alongside Labour.

Our newly elected councillors are: Hythe: Jim Martin, Lesley Whybrow and Georgina Treloar (64.4% of the vote!); Cheriton: Rebecca Shoob; Hythe Rural: Doug Wade and John Wing.

Tories lose 10 seats, down to 13. Greens gain six, Labour six, Lib Dems 2, UKIP 2, Independent 1. As a percentage of the total votes cast across the district: Conservative: 35.64%, Green: 25.21%, Labour: 18.81 %, Lib Dem: 12.06%, Others: 8.28%

The results for our gains in full were as follows:

Hythe (three seat ward)

Christopher Deane, Lab 293; Malcolm Dearden, Con 1197; Alan Ewart-James, Con 1150; Jim Martin, Green Party 2656; David Owen, Con 1136; Lynne Smith, Lab 265; Gary Snow, Lab 222; Georgina Treloar, Green Party 2408; Lesley Whybrow, Green Party, 2648

Cheriton (three seat ward)

Philip Berridge, Lib Dem 552; Paul Bingham, Lab 662; Ross Clark, Lib Dem 445; John Collier, Con 793; Peter Gane, Con 854; Jonathan Graham, Lab 625; Rebecca Shoob, Green Party 846; Laura Sullivan, Lab 579; Roger West Con 781.

Hythe Rural (two seat ward)

Nicola Deane, Lab 174; Tony Goode, Lab 131; Michael Lyons, Cons 508; Paul Peacock, Cons 545; Douglas Wade, Green Party 978; Harry Williams, Indept 262;  John Wing, Green Party 861.