Support Ellie for Hythe Town Council

May 9, 2018

There is a by-election in the Hythe East ward for Hythe Town Council on 24th May and we are delighted to have Ellie Cumming as our Green Party candidate. It is vital that we have strong voices on the council to stand up for local residents, as anyone will know who has witnessed recent council meetings, including those to discuss Prince’s Parade.

Ellie is a retired primary school teacher and lives in Seabrook. She have always been a staunch advocate and campaigner for the protection of open spaces and nature conservation.

Ellie says: “If elected, I would provide a strong voice for saving Prince’s Parade, something I have been vocal about from the start. We need these open spaces between our communities but the District Council, despite overwhelming opposition from local residents and Historic England, is still seeking to forge ahead with this ill-thought out scheme. It won’t do anything to reduce the shortage of truly affordable houses for local people and I firmly believe that there should be no development on this much-valued community asset.

Similarly, Ellie has taken a proactive stance in seeking assurances about safeguarding as public open space the Back Door Training Area at Shorncliffe, on the left as you go up Hospital Hill.

And she backs measures to reduce speeding and improve safety for walkers, cyclists, horse riders and others on Horn Street and Hospital Hill, where Shepway Green Party has been supporting residents with their Speed Watch campaigns. If elected, Ellie will lobby for speed calming measures.

She concludes: “We need more people on the town council who will work hard and stand up for residents, something that I would relish the chance to do”.

Ashley Tanton, Green Party member of Hythe Town Council since 2016, adds: “Hythe Town Council needs a strong and effective opposition to ensure that social and environmental considerations are not lost. I am told all too frequently that the Council appears cosy, complacent and detached from the electorate. Another Conservative will not make the slightest bit of difference to this Council. Ellie will bring fresh ideas about how we manage our open spaces and engage with the community.

The Green Party is THE opposition party in Hythe – at the last Hythe by-election, Ashley won with 56% of the vote. If you don’t want just another Tory towing the District Council line and not standing up for residents of Seabrook and Hythe, then Vote for Ellie. 

If you would like to help with the campaign to elect Ellie on 24th May, please contact us on 07727 185385 or email to

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