Climate Emergency call at Kent County Council

May 19, 2019
Kent Greens will be joining Extinction Rebellion groups from across Kent on Thursday 23rd May as Green KCC councillor, Martin Whybrow, calls on Kent County Council to declare a climate emergency at the Full Council meeting. The demonstration commences at 9am outside County Hall where protestors will be creating a ‘Garden of England’ as well as making a great deal of noise.
Martin says: “Many councils across the country have made this declaration and I am proposing that KCC follows suit. KCC must act immediately to ensure that carbon emissions across Kent are rapidly reduced. I am calling for KCC to review its policies and strategies to ensure that that reflect the emergency and to ensure that the whole of Kent becomes carbon neutral by 2030.”
Stuart Jeffery, Co-Chair of Kent Greens: “The climate emergency is happening now. There is just a short amount of time to radically change the way we live to ensure that the planet remains habitable for our children and grandchildren. We are at the start of the sixth mass extinction but it is within our gift to reverse it. KCC must act, and it must act now. I will be joining the demonstrators outside County Hall to add my voice on this vital issue.”

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