Parking on Prince’s Parade: The fiasco continues

March 28, 2018

Our Hythe Town Councillor, Ashley Tanton, writes: The proposed introduction of pay and display parking on Prince’s Parade has rightly angered a lot of people, both during the consultation stage and now as the machinery, signs and lines are installed. Let’s face it, people resent paying for parking and pay and display machines on the seafront are as welcome as a baked bean addict in a packed elevator.

Over the last few months, a number of residents have written to me and the most poignant though was a letter from a resident in a road near the seafront that set out his (justifiable) concerns that his road, and the surrounding streets, will be a magnet for seaside visitors seeking to avoid the parking charges.

I informed the resident that I have seen an assurance from SDC that they will review the situation in respect of side streets three months after the pay scheme is implemented, and that I too will actively monitor the parking in those areas and will support the residents if they choose to promote their concerns to the SDC.

The same resident then shared with me a few lines from email he had received from a Conservative member of Hythe Town Council.

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