Councillor’s blog: Why a Green voice is so important

August 9, 2018

Martin Whybrow, our councillor on Kent County Council, writes:

Why is it important to have Green Party representation on councils? As the sole Green Party voice at Kent County Council for the last five years, I know what an uphill struggle it can be. In my case, I am one among 81 councillors and part of a small opposition in a council where the Tories can do pretty much as they please (witness voting themselves a 15% pay increase a year ago).

A Green Voice

The voice itself is important. You can hold the council to account and flag issues that would have otherwise have been ignored (I still try to embarrass them on the 15% whenever I have the chance). A prime example is divestment, where I have sought from the start to put pressure on KCC with regards fossil fuel, tobacco and other investments, both direct and via the pension fund, that run contrary to KCC’s own policies.

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